A serene and scenic land baptized the pearl of Africa; it’s where the east African savannah meets the Western African jungle with flourishing wildlife cultures and population. Uganda has it all, being a home to two world heritage sites i.e. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. A trip accompanied by the country’s diversified rich cultural heritage will obliviously make your trip memorable such as the famous karamajong pastrolists, pygmies of the Semiliki forest, the Baganda well known for Matooke delicious meal and love of their Kabaka.
With more than 1000 bird species Africa’s friendliest city located at the geographical heart of Africa with more than 30 indigenous languages with the most ancient inhabitants being the Batwa and the Bambuti. Rwenzori foothills being the home to the Bakonjo, the Bagisu of Mountain Elgon which are known for the Imbalu ceremony an individual ceremony to initiation to manhood in their culture
Here we present the most fascinating tour destined National Parks and what they host for the easiness of you our esteemed readers who plan on visiting Uganda for a short or long term holiday trip to Uganda.
1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
It’s a home to over 350 mountain gorillas; one can go for gorilla tracking, elephant views, chimpanzee, monkeys, a small percentage of antelopes as well as 23 bird species in the Albertine rift.
2. Murchison Falls National Park
Here one can have a clear interesting view of many different wild animals such as lions, buffalo, elephants, Uganda kobs, patas monkeys with immense concentrations of hippos and birds
3. Rwenzori Mountains National Park
A simple but miraculous place where people experience world class hiking with slopes designed with patterns of ever green bamboo forests, with giant heathers, lobelias, and groundsels
4. Queen Elizabeth National Park
It serves as a home to wild life including Buffalos, Elephants, and Antelopes with more than 600 bird species this proves the ecological diversity of this park, with unique giant forest hogs and legendary tree climbing lions of the Ishasha sector
5. Mgahinga National Park
A wide range of mountain gorillas which offer full time protection to the active volcano that run along the boarder of Rwanda and Congo
6. Semiliki National Park
With the famous Hun rain forest running up to Congo with a special interest to the Ornithopologists for some 40 Congolese bird species recorded nowhere else in the country with swamp dwelling shoebill at the Semiliki wildlife reserve
7. Kibale National Park
It’s a total primatologists dream, hosts more than 1000 chimpanzees and a half dozen readily observed monkey species with the famous ones being Acrobatic Red Colobus, and the handsome L Honest Monkey.
8. Lake Mburo National Park
Serves as the closest Savannah reserve to Kampala located in the centre of swamp fringed lakes, rich in bird life mostly the African Fin foot with the green Acacia woodland covered by dense Zebra populations, Warthogs, Buffaloes, Impala not forgetting the scarcely seen Eland which is the largest African antelope.
9. Mt Elgon National Park
Located in Mbale on the Uganda Kenya boarder with the largest base of the extinct volcano in the world. Covered by Afro montane forests, grassland, and moorland habitats thus a great destination for hikers
10. Kidepo Valley National Park
Provides homestead to many dry country species not found elsewhere in the country among them they include the cheetah and the greater kudu with surrounding waters that attract large numbers of elephants and buffalo herds especially the dry season

And finally anyone who travels to Uganda these are the few major tips I thought that are really important to note.
1. Always remember the local time is GMT + 3
2. Always drink bottled water and ensure to check and confirm for expiry dates please
3. Official language is English seconded by Kiswahili with more than 30 other local languages
4. Tourism peaks are mid September to November, and March to May and prices for goods and services tend to be relatively higher than the other seasons
5. Travel with a hat, sunglasses, a rain jacket, and binoculars if you can
6. Always don’t forget Uganda drives by the left hand side




ASASIRA ANDREW A is a Ugandan and a free lance writer mostly about tourism, education, health and current situations in Uganda. the sole purpose of the writer is to share and discuss different aspects of life .
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