Green natural compounds

 Have a feel of a natural green environment natured by one mans effort for 27 consecutive years with more than fifty grass species in the compounds your eyes have 360 news of the huts such as the CHOBE DSCN1053 in the compounds the long naturals trees and insects moving around to visit each other a variety of insects are visible  such as birds such as and free environments for sitting and having a variety of story telling activities, camping and a variety of games  such as can be accommodated by the well shaped compounds spare a few minutes visit the place a change will be experienced  in you for more than what you expected

 The green compounds are surrounded by man made fish ponds which offer whirling sounds and an extremely exciting view to human eyes. Beyond the fishing grounds one can have a camping night at the place to have a great feeling of a night in the jungles

 Canoe riding at RA BISTRO


      With wooden means of transport share and experience the feeling of riding on water paddling in a canoe under great shadows of trees with fresh oxygen supplied by aplenty of tall trees to make you feel relaxed and feel at home away from your biological home One can ever do some spot fishing in the canoe with the funny swings of the canoe as you fish in  the middle of a forest with birds singing east and west of your ear


Various kinds of fish can be caught downing  spot fishing such as silver fish which also help in preventing diseases such as malaria these various kinds of fish eat mosquito larvae especially the young ones and the old ones eat the mature  mosquitoes there by reducing malaria




ASASIRA ANDREW A is a Ugandan and a free lance writer mostly about tourism, education, health and current situations in Uganda. the sole purpose of the writer is to share and discuss different aspects of life .
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