Many of us would wish to have as many friends as we could, besides that evey one only wishes to have only good friends physically, spiritually,and many other aspects of life sharing the same goals interests and relating ideologies. Friends are of anumber of categories such as.
friends of benefits
mutual friends
relationship friends such as boy or girlfriend
best friends with whom we share seccrets with
besides all these categories of friends we all chose the category we want basing on our wishes and interests because the wayone treats a mutual friend isnt the same way we treat our family friends because of the different feelings attitudes we usually have about such people.
But here comes the main question that disturbs most of us HOW TO MANTAIN OUR FRIENDS OR RELATIONSHIPS ESTABLISHED according to the simple ground research i made among my own friemds such as Carter, Victor,Brender and many others these are the few key points i discovered that are very helpfull in making and mantaining friendships
Be open for the kind of relationship you wish to establish such as mutual friend,sisterly or brotherly friendship
Always be and keep open and true to your friend
Its so good to atleast once in a while to have and share time with friends
Always love and respect friends despite of the kind of relationsip you establish
Its good and wise to speak to mature people about our friends and share with them our fears and expectations
Last and not least always speak to a friend wenever he or she is doing something you dont like and you feel uncomfortable other than backbiting which may make you hate him or her



ASASIRA ANDREW A is a Ugandan and a free lance writer mostly about tourism, education, health and current situations in Uganda. the sole purpose of the writer is to share and discuss different aspects of life .
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