In the soon coming posts about the environment i wish to introduce to you the major topics of concern in this category to be published include the following

  1. Lakes and rivers in uganda
  2. Swamps and wetlands
  3. Mountains
  4. Valleys
  5. Game parks and national parks


ASASIRA ANDREW A is a Ugandan and a free lance writer mostly about tourism, education, health and current situations in Uganda. the sole purpose of the writer is to share and discuss different aspects of life .
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  1. robert says:

    thanks for teaching our nation love u keep that spirit going


  2. Caroline says:

    I look forward to reading the new posts you plan. I will be going to Uganda this fall on a mission and hopefully these will help prepare me for what I may see.


    • Thanks so much for the great job done am also working on a blog to promote people lives how can we get in contact i would wish to volunteer with u may be i can even help on promoting the idea online using my blog
      i wll be glad to hear from you again
      regards HAPPYUGANDA


      • Caroline says:

        Would love your help. Contact me @ I take it you’ve seen my blog. My facebook page is I can give you my link to my blog, if you don’t have it. It might get hits if you put it on yours. I have not figured out how to exchange links and put them on my page, as well as ads. Your help would be most appreciated.


        • Hello mission to Uganda team greetings from happyuganda am sorry for not replying to you soon I’ve been very busy with exams in school but am done and am starting blog work again hope to coperate with you again


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